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Hazardious Materials Storage

Aquatiq keeps an extensive product range within Environmental Storage & Safety, Fire Safety Equipment and Absorbents.

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We offer the widest selection of products in Europe, in safe handling and storage of chemical and hazardous material.

The main categories of our environmental storage products:

  • Storage of hazardous material indoor and outdoors
  • Safe use and handling of hazardous material
  • Cleaning and waste management
  • Storing and handling of gas tanks
  • Work safety and protection gear

If you are uncertain about what solution that makes the best fit for your business, or if you miss a product, please get in touch. We are looking forward to assisting you with identifying the optimum solution.

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Environmental storage

Environmental protection in businesses is today a matter that goes without saying - it is also required by law. However, many businesses are not aware of how different substances should be stored correctly to protect the environment.

If a container were to start leaking, there should be no possibility for the contents to come into contact with soil, ground water, surface water or drains. The collection vessel must be able to hold 110% of the volume of the largest container that is stored.

It matters what material the collection vessel is made of. It also matters which substances are stored together or in the same room.


Environmental storage



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