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Health, Safety & Environment

We help our customers choose the right chemicals with a focus on HSE and environmental impact. We are ISO14001 certified and take our and our customers' environmental responsibility very seriously.

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Our policy

Our products may have an environmental impact. As a result, we are constantly working to reduce this impact and to promote sustainable products.

Furthermore, we follow all rules and regulations, we take the environmental challenges seriously and have a broad range of certifications that commits us to promote sustainable chemistry and solutions. We are certified after ISO14001.

In addition, Aquatiq shall:

  • Work to promote sustainable chemistry and consult our customers for the correct usage.
  • Monitor the usage of chemistry and give correct training.
  • Ensure correct usage and titration practices

Our products are made as environmentally friendly as possible. However, to get rid of bacteria and microorganisms to ensure that the customers’ production is safe, some products will have an impact on the environment. We believe that correct training and expertise will reduce the impact to a low level, whilst the customer can ensure a safe and reliable production.

We work with the leading chemistry producers in Europe and are constantly improving our products and services. Through competence and a focus on the environment, we shall contribute to a responsible and sustainable use of chemistry.



For general enquiries:

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Aquatiq Chemistry

Heidi Videhi Røsdal

HSE / Safety Engineer