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Aquatiq Hygiene Systems

Morten Brudal

Managing Director

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Aquatiq Hygiene Systems

Petter Rønningen

Project Manager

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Our cleaning systems are tested and used by leading food manufacturers worldwide.

Aquatiq is specialized in building tailor-made cleaning systems to meet each customer's individual needs. Our expertise helps the customer to choose the right system to achieve the best result by using the right temperature, chemistry and time-mechanical pressure.

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How we work

Design and planning

Through close dialogue with the customer, we create a good technical basis for our design. A clear requirement specification from the customer is important in order to adapt the right equipment to the application at hand.


We discuss with the customer to analyze their specific needs and identify the optimal system. Based on our expertise and our broad product range, we find the best and most flexible solutions, in collaboration with the customer.


Our tailor-made, turnkey installations are delivered as separate, self-contained units. We offer technical training and documentation, and ensure that the high expectations of the customer are met from the first day of operation.


Through tailored service agreements, we help with service and maintenance in collaboration with the company's personnel. This ensures optimal operation, without compromising production. We maintain regular and close contact with the customer, always available to help.

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