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Mobile Cleaning Systems

Cleaning systems that can be transported wherever needed. Easy, convenient and efficient.

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Aquatiq Hygiene Systems

Morten Brudal

Managing Director

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Aquatiq Hygiene Systems

Petter Rønningen

Project Manager

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  • Pressure surge pump
  • Mobile cleaning unit
  • Compact “all-in-one” device


  • Better cleaning energy on surfaces
  • Suitable for cleaning in smaller production areas
  • Flexible


  • From 3-6 bar up to 25 bar / 40 bar.
  • Possibility to use several types of chemistry

LWP-M II is a complete mobile low pressure unit for water spraying with pressurized water and application of chemical disinfectants and disinfectants. LWP-M II is built on a stainless steel frame with two rear flywheels for smooth and efficient movement. The unit consists of a frequency controlled low pressure pump, compressed air compressor, injector and suction hoses for chemicals. Up to two 25 liter jugs of chemicals / disinfectant can be transported and there are suspension solutions for carbon valves, hoses and nozzles. LWP-M II has a hygienically designed stainless steel cover that can be easily opened for service and maintenance.
The unit can be delivered without a compressor. This will connect external compressed air.

LWP-M II is particularly suitable for cleaning applications in the food industry, such as meat, poultry,
dairies, breweries, the fishing industry, the finished industry, catering kitchens and other places where hygiene is a high priority. It also fits perfectly on boats and other places where maneuverability is important.

  • Working pressure 20-25 bar or 40 bar.
  • Mobile unit with flexible wheelchair for efficient movement.
  • Easy to install; Just connect water and electricity.
  • Included in delivery: 20 meter hose, spray gun and nozzles for rinsing, foam and disinfection.
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