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Get an edge with our GAP analysis related to different standards for Food Safety (e.g. ISO / FSSC 22000 or BRC), best practice assessments or vendor performance reviews.

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Customers and authorities require food industry enterprises to work systematically to ensure the safety of food and environment in a sustainable way. Audits enable you to benchmark your system against international standards and regulatory compliance, as basis for continuous improvements.

Do you need to audit or certify your management system?

With an independent audit or a certification according to an international standard for food safety, you can show that the food you produce or process has been prepared and handled safely in line with the legal requirements for food safety.

Aquatiq can assist you in the process towards becoming certified and we can assist you with auditing suppliers and auditing your own management system. By choosing Aquatiq, you can be sure that you will get the most out of the audit. Not only do we know the standards inside out, but we also have experts in your industry. This means that we know both what is needed to meet the requirements of the standard, but also how your company can use the standard appropriately to strengthen its core business.


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Daniel Antonsen

Senior Audit Manager / Head of Industrial Audits