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Vision & Mission

We do "What it Takes" to ensure safe food production.

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“What it Takes”

We are committed to promoting quality and integrity in our work. We always remember that we are dealing with the safety of people and the reputation of the industry.

Our mutual commitment to each other and our customers has built up a strong relationship over many years. We work continuously to promote innovative solutions that are sustainable and of top quality. We put diligence into our work and want long and good relationships with our customers.

Aquatiq® has the solutions and expertise to ensure Safe Food throughout the entire value chain. We are proud to work with something that makes a difference in people's lives.

Aquatiq does "What it Takes".

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“Supplier of Complete Food Safety Solutions and Expertise Globally”

Aquatiq is a supplier of complete Food Safety solutions and expertise globally. As we are an essential part of each customer’s specific manufacturing platform, we ensure Safe Food in a pure and sustainable way.

Our goal is to ensure Safe Food across the world. Aquatiq contributes by serving the global food industry. We believe that Safe Food contributes to the customers’ double bottom line. That is, profits and positive social impact.