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Our Promise

Build your brand through quality

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Aquatiq delivers solutions that are tailored to our customers. We implement hygienic design as a natural part of food production. This ensures one seamless production, without compromise.

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Our promise

To meet the ever-increasing challenges associated with food safety, we believe that the only way forward is to be flexible enough to treat each customer individually. No production facility is the same, which is why we believe that close collaboration with our customers creates value and profitability.

Integrated solutions

What differentiates Aquatiq from our competitors is that we cover a wide range of expertise and technology, and how we cover the entire value chain in food production. We cover everything from Safe Food training, chemistry, cleaning systems and analysis.

With technology, expertise, products and solutions built on the customer's needs and requirements, we maintain food safety in the safest and most efficient way. We go through the entire production process with the customer and come up with solutions that streamline and improve the customer's production process.

By collaborating with Aquatiq, your company builds up its brand through quality.